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Letter from our Founder:

I began my journey to become a present and engaged father over 20 years ago with the birth of my daughter. As a 1st time father, I desired to be a good parent but found the resources for men like me to be few and far between. As an un-married Father of an African American child, I did not want me nor my daughter to be a stereotype or statistic.

I knew that I couldn’t be alone, and my quest for answers led me to explore programs aimed at father involvement. Each program model had some relevance, but nothing provided the immediate resources I needed or spoke to what I needed to learn. I searched but could not find a local program that presented fatherhood as an ongoing process in which there is always room to grow.

So, I decided to create a resource that I, and other fathers, needed. Our goal was to create a family friendly yet father focused movement and social enterprise. The Fatherhood Expo     is an expansion of that enterprise. Now in its fifth year, The Expo acknowledges, celebrates, encourages, and equips fathers/father figures who have committed to holistically strengthening themselves and their families. It gives fathers an amazing platform of resources and empowerment, and perhaps most importantly, the Expo provides hope. Hope for a dad who may have started his parenting journey like me or any other type of father/father figure who wants the best for their child. One who knows that in order to give them the best, they have to become the best parent they can be.






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Michael “The Ambassador” Hargrove


D.A.D.D.S. Enterprises

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